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ZOSTREX™-Shingles topical treatment. Guaranteed to work in 48 hrs or less

All natural active ingredients. Safe and guaranteed effective.


Shingles-Varicella (Herpes) Zoster Virus attacks the nerve fibers

Shingles is an adult form of chicken pox which is contagious, extremely painful, last for weeks, months or even years and may cause permanent nerve damage (post herpetic neuralgia), including blindness. Shingles can be triggered by contact with an infected individual, stress, a weakened immune system, virus mutation or even the Shingles vaccine.


Zostrex™ vs Shingles Virus

ZOSTREX™ CREAM, contains a modified free amino acid (protein building block) which is applied topically and readily absorbed through the skin. It works by attaching to, isolating, and inhibiting the virus' tegument protein from replicating as well as the glycoprotein spikes it uses to disguise and infect surrounding tissue. 

Using ZOSTREX™ CREAM, the virus is starved and the body's white blood cells are then able to identify and self-immunize (acting as a Shingles vaccine) against the virus, naturally, within 48 hours or less. There is no more effective shingles treatment.


Patient photos

Below are photos of patients diagnosed by physicians with Shingles before applying Zostrex™ Cream and less than 48 later, after use. No new eruptions appeared after Zostrex™  Cream application. The rash,  itch and pain were completely gone.

Actual Zostrex™ Cream Results


 ZOSTREX™ is a new product of the Alpha Cure Group Inc. that has previously developed cutting edge solutions to life threatening injuries as well as other health and medical issues since 2005

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