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Frequently Asked Questions

We realize  you may have questions about ZOSTREX™ CREAM so we've compiled a list  of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please email us your question to 

  • Q: How quickly will I see results using Zostrex™  Cream?
  • A: You should see significant improvement within the first 48 hours or less. This includes blisters drying, shrinking and disappearing, reduction of itching and pain, elimination of new outbreaks.

  • Q. Can I use it in my eyes?
  • A. NO. Avoid contact with eyes. If in eyes, flush thoroughly with water.

  • Q: How often should I apply the Zostrex™  Cream? 
  • A: The more often you apply it the faster you will see results. It is recommended that you apply it liberally for at least the first few days on the affected area 4 times a day.   

  • Q: Do I have to wash the area before I reapply the Zostrex™ Cream?
  • A: No, reapplying a new layer over the old one will reactivate the previous one. However, if it dries and becomes too thick you may gently wash it off  with warm water and dry the area before applying it again.

  • Q: Can I apply it over other topical medicines, such as  hydrocortisones, antibiotics or steroids?
  • A: NO. Topical gels or ointments will prevent absorption of Zostrex™ Cream through the skin.


  • Q: After a few hours, I noticed a white film where I applied the Zostrex™ Cream. Is that normal?
  •  A: Yes. This is simply unabsorbed Zostrex™ Cream crystals drying on your skin. It is completely safe and may be rinsed off with water or reapply over it.

  • Q: Do I have to continue using Zostrex™ Cream until the rash is completely gone?
  • A: It is recommended that you continue applying it until the rash is completely dry, which should be a few more days. Although, once the rash stops spreading and begins drying, within the first 48 hours or less, the body has created its own immunity, naturally.

  • Q: Is Zostrex™ Cream natural?
  • A: Yes. The active ingredient in Zostrex™ Cream is l-glutamate, a modified free amino acid (derived from corn). 

  • Q: I'm sensitive to MSG. When I eat in some Chinese restaurants that use MSG, my mouth gets numb for about 15 minutes and I get tired. Will I have any problems with Zostrex™ Cream since it contains l-glutamate?
  • A: No. Zostrex™ Cream contains a modified topical form of l-glutamate, tested and used by hundreds of people sensitive to eating MSG with no adverse reactions. MSG is recognized as safe by the FDA  for use in food products. In addition, the amount of l-glutamate in Zostrex™ Cream absorbed through the skin is very small compared to that used in food products.

  • Q: I'm taking prescription medications, do I need to worry about using it?
  • A: No. There have been no reported incidents of contraindications with any  medications. However, if you are still concerned check with your physician.

  • Q: If I have Shingles on my lips can I use Zostrex?
  • A: Yes. Zostrex may be used on lips. The active ingredient is even deemed  safe to ingest by the FDA..